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What Do You Gain By Switching To A Green Car?

eco-friendly carsProtection of the environment is a topic that is widely discussed all over the world. There is a push from all corners of the world for us to try and correct the damage we have done to the ozone layer for all these years.

The solution suggested by researchers comes in the form of the use of eco-friendly products rather than the ones that can harm the environment. This article looks at how you benefit when you “go green” by using eco-friendly vehicles.

Protect Your Environment

The environments you live in need to be clean enough for you to stay healthy. One of the causes of pollution is the gases that are emitted from fuel-burning cars. When you invest in a green car, you reduce the amount of gases that are emitted significantly.

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Pollutants arising from the burning of fossil fuels affect the cardiopulmonary and respiratory systems. When children get exposed to these gases for a long time, they may develop conditions that can later become fatal. Excessive inhalation of these gases also causes lung cancer. Therefore, reduction in the gases leads to a healthy environment for you and your family.

Pay Less Tax

As a motorist, you are required to pay road tax according to the kind of fuel and emissions released by your vehicle. If your car produces lower carbon dioxide emissions, you pay a lower tax. If the gas emission falls below 100g/km, you do not pay any tax. One of the characteristics of green cars is that there are no gas emissions because no fuel is burnt. This means you end up saving money.

Pay Less Insurance Premiums

When you buy insurance cover for your green car, you pay less for insurance. The cost of insurance will be much less as compared to normal insurance costs. This puts more money in your pockets that you can invest in other worthy projects.

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Choice

There are several types of green cars that you can choose from to meet your transport needs. These include:

  • Electric cars are powered using a charging station that is specifically made for the vehicle. This type of car is made for short trips because the charge cannot stay long for you to make long journeys.
  • Hybrid cars use a combination of an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. These cars have the ability to go for long distances due to using two energy sources.
  • Natural gas cars utilize natural gas as fuel. The fuel used emits 30% less gas than cars that use fossil fuels.
  • Biodiesel cars use vegetable oil as a fuel. The harmful emissions are reduced by 15% to 40% than that of cars that use fossil fuels.

You need to choose an ecofriendly car depending on factors such as the distance you need to travel and how much you want to reduce emissions.

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The current world needs you to try as much as you can to reduce the level of pollution. You can do this by using ecofriendly items such as green cars. These cars come in various types and offer a motorist several advantages.

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